One of the most important areas of our activity s the design and installation ofmeasurement and automation (PIA). Our office has implemented to date hundreds of projects Sun, most of which was realized by us. Customer satisfaction is the best proof of the high level of performance of our projects and installations. Made by us arepresented in the reference list.

For the important area of our activity in addition to the projects and the installation ofSun to design and manufacture of electrical installations. A team of experienceddesigners, and executes the development of conceptual designs of technicaldocumentation and drawings of pre-fabricated assembly. Over 20 years of our companyhas delivered over 100 projects in electrical, most of which were implemented by us.Made by us are presented in the reference list.

All projects are supported by specialized computer programs, such as InteliCAD andMicrografx Designer. Made documentation is delivered to the customer with a description of performed installations and control algorithms and the necessarycalculations.

Design includes:

  • technical advice
  • implementation of technical and economic assumptions
  • technical design
  • workshop documentation for prefabricated units (boxes, cabinets, racks, desks)
  • documentation of object-mounting

Project supervision:

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