VLT ® Soft Start Series Compact Soft Start MCD 200 is the latest addition to the company Danfoss Drives offers the compact and economical devices for soft start andstop motors. The new, compact soft starter is available in two versions, MCD201 and MCD202. Bothare produced in the power range from 7.5 to 110 kW power supply voltage to 575 V AC. MCD201 lets you start and stop the drive by controlling the rising and lowering voltage at the motor windings. MCD202 offers in addition full control of current during start andstop and fully overload and short circuit of the engine.
Both types of soft starters are equipped with an internal bypass system, switching onautomatically when the drive reaches full speed. This solution significantly reduced the dimensions MCD200 and power losses in equipment, and hence, heat dissipation into the environment.