Frequency Converters

Intelligent heat management
Cooling can take place according to two modes, which provides various benefits:
- Mode ambient temperature to 50 ° C. The VLT ® HVAC Drive works reliably with thenominal parameters in temperature to 50 ° C, providing the maximum efficiency and durability
- maintain cleanliness inside the mode converter
Blown by the fan cool air flows only through the radiator. Canal trip is easily cleanedwithout interference in electronic components.

Cooling of a "cold plate":
External cooling is possible through the rear of the aluminumcasing, which is a cooling radiator. Additional guard brings cool air from the fan for electronic components.

Suitable for action "actuators"
Modular design of the inverter is the optimal solution, both for autonomous control systems (PLC) and for large installations BMS (Building Management IntegratedSystem).

Automatic optimization of energy consumption AEO
This standard feature ensures optimum motor magnetisation at any speed and under any load conditions. At partial load (below nominal), the AEO provides additional energysavings of the order of 5-15%.

Flow compensation
Flow compensation feature provides significant energy savings and installation costs.This feature applies to both the pump systems and fan systems. Just monitor the sensorplaced at the outlet of the pump or fan to get the stabilization of pressure in theoutermost points of the system.

Energy monitoring
VLT ® HVAC Drive provides a full range of information about the volume of energyconsumed by the HVAC system, which helps identify low-efficiency components of the system.