About us

Our services include programming, testing, commissioning and maintenance of PLC.Used by our drivers meet the highest demands on reliability and durability which is guaranteed thanks to the hardware world renowned companies (Siemens, GEFanuc, SAIA). We also do programming, operator stations based on SCADA systems, and programming control panels. Our experience ensures high reliability of used equipment and software.

Our company offers services, equipment and systems for measurement and automation (PIA) in the following areas:

  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Recognition, treatment, distribution of water
  • Heating
  • Food processing (refrigeration, storage, dairy, sugar factories, breweries)
  • Ventilation, air conditioning
  • Chemical plants

In the field of measurement and automation of our services include the following works:

  • Implementation of technical projects measurement and automation systems and equipment for the newly designed and upgraded
  • Completion of deliveries
  • Installation of equipment, together with attempts pomonta┼╝owymi
  • Commissioning of equipment and installation of Sun
  • Repairs of equipment and installation of Sun
  • User training of personnel
  • Preparation of operating instructions for installation and equipment Thu
  • Guarantee and post-warranty equipment Fri
  • Technical advice
  • Developing RFPs for equipment imported as well as offer opinions and participate in negotiations with contractors
  • Intermediation in buying Sun equipment domestic and foreign companies

We develop a conceptual and technical design documentation and drawings of pre-fabricated assembly. The design process is aided by computer. Word processing, database and image editors support the release documentation.

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